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Garden Maintenance Service

Maintenance is essential to any out door space, wether it be mowing the lawn every two weeks or staying on top of weeding and the pruning of bushes, hedges and trees. if these are left it can soon get out of control and then you are left not knowing where to start.this can lead to needing a total overhaul of your outdoor space costing you more money in the long run.

Either by your green lawn that it once was is now yellow and stringy and is not appealing or weeds that have got so big they have started to perish the nice plants you want to keep in your garden.

Leaving your garden in a un maintained state will lead to a space you cant use lawn and plants will perish and become an eyesore as well as adding to the fact your boundary fence will perish and far more quickly.

The sooner you start maintaining your outdoor space the easier and more cost effective it is for you to have a well maintained garden being consistent to regular maintenance will enable you to utilise your outdoor space all year round.

Here at London Kent Landscapes we understand that in this day and age people just don`t have enough hours in the day to manage there garden as well that why we offer our maintenance service weather its a one off garden tidy up or the regular maintenance you require.

All gardens/Outdoor spaces are vary in size and condition which means they are all different and require various levels of attention

if you would like us to provide this service please Call us on 07934 047 637 or Email