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Shed`s & Summer houses

A shed or summer house is a very important piece of your garden as shed give you that space in your garden were you can keep other outdoor furniture locked away and waterproof also giving you a space were you can store away garden supplies tools etc..

Summer houses speak for them self really they are essentially an out door space were you can utilise this space possibly incorporating an out door office function area when hosting parties BBQ`s, or maybe a outside bar. There are such a variety of summer houses on the market ranging from the basic structure that is water tight to a more luxury look and feel once installed, either way a summer house is a great addition to any outdoor space.

As with any project budget is your starting point and needs to be considered before purchasing any summer house, they are costly to purchase  and to install depending on the spec.

we provide a installation service of all sheds and summer houses from the ground up starting with a suitable  robust base for your new addition to be built on.

if you would like further advice or would like a free site survey and quote for this service.

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